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Taken by the Unknown

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  • December 4, 2012
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Taken by the Unknown
The crust beneath my eyelashes peeled apart as the weight of my eyelids made it almost unbearable to open the gates from my dream to a nightmare. Silhouettes of people surrounded my bed as I struggled to focus the blurs into figures. Befuddled, I rubbed my eyes and sluggishly pushed myself into an upright position. As I looked from right to left, left to right, I noticed there were five people encompassing my bed; none of whom I had ever seen before. Panic started to set in. Who were these people? Why were they there? What did they want from me? Her skin looked of leather; dark as if she had been roasting in the sun without the slightest bit of neither shade, nor sunscreen. She was a Samoan woman with long, nappy hair, tied up in a rat’s nest of a bun. Standing beside her was the giant; a very tall white man engulfed in tattoos from head to toe. His head was bicked bald and his face conveyed not even the slightest bit of emotion. I referred to the Samoan woman as the giant’s helper. A man holding a clipboard and draped in white, looked to be a doctor. The two men standing adjacent to him were wearing nurses’ scrubs and looked to be no one to whom I should fear. Before I had a chance to ask any questions I heard the doctor say, “Alyssa, you need to listen to what these people are about to tell you. What they are going to say is very important.” The intensity in his voice made it impossible to think anything good could come of what was about to be said. “Alyssa, we are here to take you away. You will be going to a place called Red Rock Canyon School in Georgetown, Utah. Your parents sent us here because they felt this was the only option left.” A million things raced through my head; is this legal? Why would my parents allow people that they don’t even know take their daughter across state lines to a place they had never seen? Why is this happening to me? Is this all just a nightmare? My body had suddenly felt numb, as if...
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