Take a Stance Cell Phones and Driving

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Robert Beckelic
Mrs. Koontz
ENGL 1101
24 February 2013
The Biggest Distraction
Over the past several years, with much technological advancement, the use of cell phones while driving has become a major problem on the roads universally.  Surveys and questionnaires have proved that cell phone use while driving directly impacts a driver’s aggression on the road.  With all of the amazing capabilities a modern day cell phone has to offer it seems that society has become increasingly dependent on these tools and will risk many lives to use these applications behind the wheel. In 2007, it was reported that 73% of drivers use a cell phone while behind the wheel.  Knowing that such a large percentage of the population uses their mobile devices so frequently undoubtedly raises the question of how cell phone use affects driving performance.  The Driving Behavior Questionnaire concluded that “Individuals who reported frequently using cell phones while driving were found to drive faster, change lanes more frequently, spend more time in the left lane, and engage in more instances of hard braking and high acceleration events.” (Zhao) Clearly, using a cell phone deters a driver's attention away from the road and on to whatever task he or she is attending to with the mobile device. This causes not only a dangerous environment for the user, but also the other drivers around him or her. With the technological advances that cell phones have acquired over the years, it has become seemingly easier for a driver to lose focus on driving and turn to what seems like thousands of other tasks a modern day cell phone can perform. Email, Internet, music, cameras, calendars, texting and calling are all distractions Americans face on today's typical smart phone.  Many members of our society work on the go in their cars which frequently leads to a higher rate of cell phone use while driving.  With the advancement of applications on phones over the years, a cell phone has become one of the...
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