Take Me to Napoli

Topics: Naples, Italy, Italian cuisine Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Take Me to Napoli

Two weeks in Naples, Italy is a time I will remember for a lifetime. I was visiting my parents and Two daughters for Christmas. The trip there was just as adventurous as the two weeks spent in Napoli. While the trip itself made up for the treacherous flight it will be a long time before I take a trip that long Again.

My trip started in Charleston, SC in December of 2006. It was to be a total of 18 hours long including the layover in Atlanta, GA. The flight from Charleston to Atlanta was a smooth flight, but it all went downhill after that. I was flying on a buddy pass that was given to me by my Aunt that worked for the airline which means you are flying standby and if there is space available on the plane you get to board otherwise you have to wait and hope there is room available on the next flight. The problem with international flights is there is usually on one flight a day, so when you miss the first one you have to wait until the next day to try again. On day three I was finally able to board a flight going to Rome, Italy. It was the most crowded flight I had ever been on and turned out to be the longest 12 hours of my life.

I finally arrived in Naples, Italy. It was a different experience as soon as the plane landed. Once I arrived at the terminal I immediately had to claim my luggage and head to customs where my baggage was check and my passport stamped. I finally made it out of the baggage claim area to find my parents and children anxiously waiting for my arrival.

My first night in Naples I was so very tired from the long flight, but the excitement of my children and parents gave me the energy I needed to head out and enjoy my first real Italian meal. We went to the small pizzeria in the small town of Pozzuoli just a few minutes from where my parents lived. It was casual yet elegant. The sound of Italian music playing and the real Italian chefs and waiters were just breathtaking and refreshing after such a long...
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