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Topics: International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Globalization Pages: 11 (3493 words) Published: May 20, 2013

Information and instructions

As described in the course manual, the take-home assignment primarily tests students’ ability to apply the theoretical insights discussed throughout the course to a real multinational enterprise (MNE). The assignment must be made by teams of three students and uploaded on the ‘Safe Assignment’ Blackboard page of the course before 21 May 2013 at 09.00 hours a.m. Teams submitting the assignment after the deadline will be downgraded by one point (on a ten-point scale). Assignments submitted more than 48 hours after the deadline will not be considered at all, implying that these overdue submissions will automatically receive a grade of 1.0.

Each team is free in its choice of MNE but is strongly advised to select a reasonably-sized firm for which sufficient public information is available. Note that very large and diversified MNEs such as Philips and Shell often consist of several divisions or business units that each operate largely autonomously. For such MNEs, students are free to answer some or all of the assignment questions from the perspective of a specific division or business unit, as long as the adopted perspective is clearly specified in the submitted answers. If specific questions cannot be answered at the division or business-unit level (for instance due to a lack of information), you are free to answer these questions at the corporate level instead, and vice versa.

The submitted assignment must have the following format: Times New Roman letter type, 11-point font size, 1 inch (2.54 cm) margins all around, single line spacing. The maximum length of the document is 10 pages A4. The document’s first page should list all team members’ names, student numbers, and e-mail addresses. The rest of that page should be used to describe the MNE chosen. The next 6 pages should be used to answer the below assignment questions in the order in which they are listed. Answers given beyond the 6-page limit will not be evaluated and graded. After the 6 pages of main text, you have another 3 pages for appendices and the list of references. Appendices may contain figures, tables, and short descriptions of non-crucial insights for which you have insufficient space in the main text. Make sure that all information crucial to an answer is included in the main text. Also make sure that you refer to all appendices in the main text. The document should finish with a list of references, which is a list of all information sources used throughout the assignment (such as company documents, websites, newspaper and magazine articles, academic articles and books, etc.). Throughout the main text and the appendices you should refer to these sources whenever you use information (such as facts, statements, insights, etc.) from them. Both the in-text references and the list of these references at the end of the document should follow the Harvard referencing style, whose details can be found here as well as on Blackboard. If you literally copy more than 6 words from an information source without referring to that source in the assignment, you are committing plagiarism, which will be penalized with a grade of 1.0 and will be reported to the Examination Board. Please note that all uploaded assignments will be automatically checked for plagiarism.

Each team can earn a maximum of 100 points for the take-home assignment: 12 points for each of questions 1 through 4, 21 points for each of questions 5 and 6, and 10 points for style (language, referencing, and lay-out). Dividing the number of points earned by 10 gives the assignment grade. Your answers will be graded based on their accuracy, clarity, completeness, and level of detail, the quality of your argumentation, the amount of company, industry, and country information you collected and used, and the degree to which you correctly applied theory to practice.

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