Take Care of Our Akhlak(Morals)

Topics: Muhammad, Qur'an, Islam Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: September 27, 2011
Take Care of Our Akhlak(Morals)
May 4, 2010
Nowadays the message of Islam can be spread very fast to all over the world especially when people invented computer,internet,mobile phone and so on.We know that many people among us can talk very well about Islam.They able to memorize many verses of Holy Quran and Hadis(saying of prophet Muhammad PBUH),then recite and explain to the other people.Unfortunately, most of us don’t ever do what they have memorized and recited the contents of Quran and Hadis.Even they don’t understand what they have read.This is our big problem today in Muslims’ community. There’re so many verses in Quran and Hadis that ordered us to become good in our akhlak(manners/morals).One of the most well-known Hadis said that:“I(Muhammad PBUH) have been sent to perfect noble manners”(Reported by Ahmad and others).However,when you see the reality of Muslims’ community today,they done the other thing.A lot of problem about morals are related to us.We are the people who speak very rude,not polite,not take care about cleanliness,not punctual in time,not fulfill our promise and lots more.Why this happens? Do we think that akhlak is separated and not included in our religion?If you say yes,you’re wrong.But I think,we all know that Islam has been sent by Allah as a complete way of life to all mankind including akidah(belief),ibadah,akhlak,muamalah(interaction with people),politics,economy and munakahat(wedding).As the Hadis mentioned above,stated clearly that the primary purpose of sending of prophet Muhammad PBUH is to complete and perfect noble manners among the mankind.The job of prophet PBUH will not be fulfilled unless he corrected all bad manners in Arab’s community at that time such as killing their daughter,drinking wine,zina and so on. In addition,akhlak is very closely related to our iman(faith).It is proof and fruit of belief.One’s faith has no value if it is void of morality.This is referred to saying of prophet Muhammad PBUH:”Faith cannot be...
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