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By | November 2012
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Tim Horton
Company Description
1.1 Describe the company
Tim Hortons Company was founded by professional hockey player Tim Horton in 1964. He opened up his first Tim Horton’s store in Hamilton, Ontario, selling only coffee and donuts. As consumers’ taste grew, Tim Horton’s introduced more variety of choices like timbit, muffins, croissants, soups and etc. as of today, Tim Horton’s is Canada’s largest fast casual restaurant with over 3000 stores across Canada and over 600 locations in the United States. The target market of Tim Horton is probably everyone. Tim Hortons not only operates in shopping malls and university campus but also operate in other regional place across Canada. Therefore, it not only targets to the students, business people and work adults, it also targets to all the people who like coffee and baked goods. The price of the Tim Hortons’ products is not high but the quality is good. Thus, Tim Hortons’ position strategy is to provide the products with value-priced and good quality to their customers. 1.2 Company Goals

Tim Hortons’ mission is to deliver quality products and services for their customer and communities through leadership, innovation and partnerships, and vision is to be the quality leader in everything they do ( In order to operate worldwide or expand its operation, Tim Hortons set a goal to meet all its environmental stewardship and to run an environmental friendly business worldwide. For the purpose of being a sustainable business, Tim Hortons made a strategy for sustainability. It wrote a sustainability report in which it emphasized that it “does not sell organic coffee, does not sell Fair Trade, and does not disclose the source of its green beans” ( to take responsible for the environment.

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