Tailorism and Weberism Are Two Sides of a Coin. Critically Examine the Statement

Topics: Management, Leadership, Strategic management Pages: 4 (1096 words) Published: June 5, 2012
1.Taylorism and weberism are two sides of a coin .Critically examine the statement. Taylorism is a concept made by Fredrick Taylor.He developed principles to increase efficiency in the work place.for example; by analyzing each task individually,he was able to find the right combinations of factors that yielded large increase in production. Weberism is a concept developed by Max Weber.He also came up with principles that ,he believed would create an organizational structure that leads to high efficiency and effectiveness.For example; by creating a structure where positions are arranged hierarchically ,it will make employees know whom to report to,hence accountability of their actions . Similarities of this concepts.

Both were developed under the goal of management to maintain equilibrium.The emphasis was on being able to control and manipulate workers and their environment. Both emphasis on task specialization since constant repetition of work develops speed, skill and high level of production. Both contribute to effective production methods increasing the living standards of people. Both recognize positions as a source of power and authority,hence sub-ordinates should be under the authority of those holding high positions in the organizations. Both have reward mechanisms for workers who perform well.

It is less rigid and flexible hence can be used by static organization.It is a very rigid and inflexible system hence not appropriate for static organization. Less importance on technical qualifications since skills and knowledge are both considered.Too much importance given to technical qualifications of employees for promotion and transfer. Workers have high stress levels and job insecurities due to high chances of layoffs.Job insecurity is not a major factor though it is present . It is mechanical as it treats people as machinesIt does not treat people as...
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