Tai's Makeover in Clueless

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  • Published : August 15, 2007
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Tai's Makeover in Clueless

Many high school students are not satisfied with who they are, who they hang out with, or even how they look. The movie Clueless written by _____ and directed by Amy Heckling gives viewers a deeper look on high school students. Tai's makeover in the movie Clueless is very significant because it shows to the viewers that teenagers, epecially in women, have to deal with the feel of belonging to a group, being peer pressuring by others, and changing the looks to feel attractive.

The movie is about...

It is very important to a high school student to have a group of friends they could count on and hang out with. Life at school wouldnt be easy for a high school student with no friends because at the teenager stage, the teens would like to share secrets with someone their age, not many of them go home and ask their parents for advices. The character Tai in Clueless was a newly transferred student to the school, geeky-looking and was somewhat a "loner" because she was still new to the school and hasnt made any friends yet. Cher was nice enough to accept Tai in to her group and made Tai feel that she belongs with them, the popular

girls. Who wouldnt like to be known as one of the girls from the popular group, right? With Tai being apart of Cher's group, everyone in the school looked at Tai differently and gave her respect and attention. If Tai was still the unknown girl at school, not that many people would know who she is. For example, in movies like Mean Girls, it shows how much high school teens like to be apart in a group of friends.

High school students do deal with situations such as being peer pressuring by their friends to do things that they dont dare to do. In many cases, they are drugs, pranks, smoking, driving, etc but in the movie Clueless, it shows that Tai is being peer pressuring by Cher and Dee to transform the way she looks to someone like Cher and Dee. Before meeting Cher and Dee, Tai was satisfied...
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