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The Post Office is about a young boy, Amal, who is forbidden by the village doctor to move out of doors. He lies confined to his room and collects a host of friends who are ready to minister to his inquisitive, innocent mind in the most delightful way possible. He not only feels happy but also makes those who come in contact with him very happy. He is happy in the fertile world of his imagination, and is willing, when the time comes, to journey from this world to the next.  

The opening of the play is very revealing. Madhav is very much concerned with Amal a sick child who is “so quiet with all his pain and sickness.” His anxiety for the child, his love of it and his interest in earning money are just contrasted with the learned unconcern and impertinence of the doctor who says: “In medicine as in good advice, the least palatable is the truest.” Madhav tells Gaffer how earning has become very significant for him after the arrival of the boy. He says: “Formerly earning was a sort of passion with me: I simply could not help working for money. Now I make money and as I know it is all for this dear boy, earning becomes a joy for me.” The ephemeral concerns of the materialistic world and the keen longings of the child eager to be lost in a world of sensation are juxtaposed most vividly.  

The boy tells his uncle about his meeting with a crazy man who has a bamboo staff on his shoulder with a small bundle at the top and a brass pot in his left hand and an old pair of shoes on. He wants to go out to seek work. Realization slowly comes to him. He is rather queer in his behaviour because he intends to walk on so many streams. When people are asleep with their doors shut in the heat of the day, he will tramp on and on far, very far, seeking work. He, also, loves to talk to strangers.  

With the arrival of the Dairyman the play shifts to a different level. The boy is thrilled with delight to see the Panchmura hub and the Shamli river near the Dairyman’s village....
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