Tagalog Language and Standard Filipino English

Topics: Tagalog language, Philippines, Trend Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: October 9, 2010
The winds have changed to a different direction. New trends come in and go. Some remained for generations and some lasted for days. Many of these trends are embraced by the Filipino people and some are just ignored. The people have the choice what to accept and what to reject, sometimes, a lot of new ideas, clothing lines, culture, philosophy, religion, tragedy etc. are flooding in and left the people like a puppet that waits for the puppeteer to manipulate its next move. This constant phenomenon caused the people to lose that one thing that holds the key for the break free of this country that is: a sense of identity. It has been a long time that we dropped our culture somewhere unconsciously and has been eaten by the dogs; it’s very ruined that we could not fix it anymore. We have lost our identity and now losing our way towards a brighter tomorrow. If you might ask, what is the link of identity to language, identity to culture and identity to being a Filipino, my answer is Nationalism. The essay of Vicente L. Rafael talks about these issues and tends to awaken the Filipino. In the essay, the closely related issues of identity and language have proved us that we are indeed cultureless and left without identity. The essay talks about the hierarchy of English, Spanish, Tagalog and “Taglish”. Today, you can no longer distinguish the class of a person by the language he uses. You can switch from one language to another and nobody cares. Even if you use the language of the rich, the “bakla” and the standard Filipino English that does not mark the line that you are more superior to the person next to you. However, if you use “taglish” you become more “in”, more identified by the generation you belong to. As I have noticed, only the people in my age group use “taglish”. If we look at the top performing schools is the country, particularly in the north like Ateneo, San Beda, UST, and a lot more. There are no particular qualifications for you to use “taglish” it does...
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