Tactile Learners

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  • Published : September 15, 2011
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People all learn in different ways. No one learning style is particularly better than another. People simply have different styles and techniques to how they perceive and process information. The three primary learning styles are auditory, visual, and tactile. Although most people use a different mixture of these three styles during their learning process, they usually have one learning style that they prefer above all others. Auditory

The auditory learning style is one where a student learns through the process of listening and discussion. Auditory learners are able to retain information and gain a better understanding of things by being an active listener. Auditory learners sometimes give the impression that they are disinterested or disengaged during classroom conversations. However, they possess the ability to quickly recall any information that was discussed if necessary. Auditory learners do not do well with written exams and reading material. On the contrary, they tend to thrive simply by absorbing information presented through the tones, and inflections, speed, volume, and pitch of their instructors' voice. Because an auditory learner tends to enjoy a classroom that focuses more on discussion than solitary reading, they tend to have more success in classes where there is lots of discussion and questioning. A student who is an auditory learner tends to be more verbal than others and enjoys speaking out loud in the classroom. They have the tendency to ask lots of questions and speak aloud when reading in order to gain a better understanding of the material. Visual

Someone who uses the visual learning style prefers to use images, picture, colors, and maps or charts to organize information and to communicate with others. Those who use this style can easily visualize objects and see how things may play out. Visual learners also prefer to use colorful highlights and marks when taking notes so that it stands out to them. Visual learners tend to...
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