Tactics Paper (Basketball)

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Per Hindrikes
Personal Journal #1
September 9th 2009
Step 1
The sport we played was basketball and we played it in the Georges-Vanier Park. The warm-up exercise was a simple game called bump. The object of the game is to score a basket before the person behind you scores a basket. If the person behind you gets it in, you are out of the game. We did not really cover any technical aspects of the game, but we did cover some tactical aspects. First of all there are 5 players on each team. What we focused on was getting open. Which means that the person who did not have the ball had to move around to get open in order to receive a pass.

Step 2
In the beginning the tactical instructions weren’t strictly followed by all the participants. It did get better the session went on after stopping a few stop mid-play to revise the instructions that were given at the start of the class. For ex; if people were not moving around as they were supposed to, we stopped immediately and explained what some participants were doing wrong. After the explanation most people were able to adjust accordingly.

Personal Journal #2
September 23st 2009
Step 1
The sport we played in this class was soccer baseball, which is made up of the same rules as baseball but using a soccer ball instead of a bat and a baseball. There was no warm-up exercise performed. We covered only the tactical aspects of the game. If you knew someone could kick the ball far, the team catching should back up a bit in the field. If you knew someone could only kick the ball 15-20 meters the team catching should move forward a bit. So the team catching should always adjust where they are according to who the kicker is. Also if the kicker is right footed there is a tendency that he will kick to the left. Same if the kicker is left footed there is a tendency he will kick to the right. The goal of the game is to kick the ball and round as many bases as possible. There are 3 bases to...
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