Tactical Plan

Tactical e-Marketing and Communications Planning
Today companies need a smarter and faster marketing communications in order to compete effectively. A tactical e-marketing and communications plan can streamline and improve the overall marketing process. This paper provides a tactical approach to an e-marketing strategy for Apple and its portable digital music player – the iPod Shuffle. The strategy will include a pricing and promotional approach; how technology applications are used to support the overall strategy; changes to the traditional delivery mechanisms; the approach and elements to be considered in tactical communications; and, finally, existing methods and metrics to assess the effectiveness of e-marketing. Tactical Approach

The tactical approach to be implemented involves defining objectives and related strategy surrounding product, promotion, price and place. These fundamental elements of the marketing mix address how organizational and consumer objectives are attained. The following presents objectives and related strategy set forth by this plan. Product

Improving the iPod Product Line
Future iPods should store more video and have longer battery life, and improved screen resolution. Entertainment companies are providing more programming online, which may become as easy to download as music files. One strategy is to extend the storage capacity by creating a "Stick" similar Sony™ memory stick to stick to support the video feed replays and tune greater varieties. This solution should be a memory stick of 1 MB with a smaller size specifications than specifications than Sony™. This approach will support the recent flash memory product release for the iPod in 2005 ( Marchetti, 2004). Another is to use iSwap™ software, which gives the ability to integrate instant messaging between iPod users. Instant messaging would notify the user if there were new tunes that are available for swapping with other iPod users or from vendors. Also to be explored is...
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