Taco Bell - Food Safety

Topics: Food, Public relations, Advertising Pages: 4 (898 words) Published: July 15, 2011
Subject:Strategic response for public perception and brand protection in rundown crises of food safety.

The Stakes:

Taco bell face a threat of brand prishment in public perception that Taco bell is linked in serving or selling tinted food product, due to recent finding Cry9c in Taco bell branded products sold in grocery stores nationwide, It will also carry the same perception that Taco bell is serving the same tinted taco’s in its restaurant, in fact Taco bell has nothing to do with production of these taco from genetically modified corn, these products are being made and distributed by Kraft food industries, who is licensed to use Taco bell’s trade name . Though, Kraft food has already initiated the recall. Now Taco bell need to act aggressively to communicate its corporate stand on food safety standard in its restaurant and its offerings to save its brand image.

Summary Recommendation:

Taco bell must quickly formulate and follow through on a comprehensive plan to address this food safety issue. Therefore I would like to suggest few recommendations that I believe will help Taco bell to prevent in loosing public confidence and brand deterioration.

Develop and deploy appropriate corporate media response to show that Taco bell is not involved in this food safety fiasco. •Voluntary recall of all the corn based product sold in the restaurant, remove and safely disposal of all the corn products from its restaurants. • Revisit licensing agreement with Kraft food, and identify the laps or find exit possibility. •Activate public relationship forum to communicate about actions taken by Taco bell and take suggestions •Find alternate partner immediately for fulfillment of Taco and other restaurant need in lieu of Kraft food. •Issue out communication memo to fully corporate with government agencies in investigation if required •Set up a contingency fund to handle any financial over burden •Find do Taco bell has to peruse a legal suite to...
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