Tackling Obstacles

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Harry Robinson
Professor Witherspoon
English 101
3 February 2013
Tackling Obstacles
There will always be hard times throughout our lives, but if we do not handle them appropriately they can destroy us. Attending college has exposed me to ways of handling adversity because my mom can no longer handle my problems for me. A few days ago in English class I have learned one of the most effective ways of dealing with hardship. So recently, I have come to the conclusion instead of giving up I will “tackle my obstacles” with faith, perseverance and excellence. The meaning of faith is to have complete trust in something or someone, for me that would be God and me. In High school I lacked the faith in myself to do certain things, whether it was in my basketball games or trying to understanding certain material in my classes. Consequently, I would score poorly on various tests or quizzes or my team would lose that basketball game because I would not take the shot or make the appropriate pass. On the other hand, there would be situations when I would respond irrationally to something I found offensive even though I should have had faith in God to solve the problem. I am learning that I must remain faithful to myself and more importantly God. In addition to faith, I need to remain loyal to completing my goals despite the difficulties or delays in achieving success, which is perseverance. This trait is especially important because I have there will be countless complications I will endure throughout college and my life, without the will to persevere there will be no success. A definition of perseverance has always stuck with me is- Continuance in a state of grace leading finally to a state of glory, which is exactly my plan. Last of all, I must strive to be excellent at whatever I do. Looking into the recent past, I was always satisfied with being average. As a result, that did not get me a scholarship into college nor did it show me the importance of remembering...
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