Topics: Roman Empire, Marriage, Tacitus Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Rahel Woldemichael
History paper #1
Tacitus: Germania

Tacitus, Roman author, was one of the people to write about the Germanic society in great detail. Tacitus, being a Roman, has lopsided ways of writing about Germania, the enemies of Rome. This text informs us about the many ways of life in Germania. It introduces us to a somewhat full looks of Germany that, at the time was unavailable. This text is very useful because, in 97-8 AD when this was written, not much was known about Germania. This can be observed from his way of writing, the usefulness of his work amongst many historians. In his text, Tacitus discussed many defining elements of the Germania society, and from that it can be inferred how it reflected the Roman world within these elements, and his contribution to history. According to Tacitus, Germania was a land surrounded by rivers and different lakes; where nobody would move voluntarily. Neither the weather, nor their ways of living was comfortable, or appealing. They did not do much to civilize their country, besides making the bare minimum to survive. Tacitus: “…no corresponding power to ensure hard work and exertion, and little capacity to bear thirst and heat, but their climate and soil have taught them to bear cold and hunger.” People of Germania even though they have much of similar features with each other, they were unlike any other race; they were not mixed with any other race, for reasons stated above. Tacitus: “…Germania has never been tainted by intermarriage with other nations, and stands out as a race distinctive, pure and unique of its kind.” As described above Germania had many important essentials of family, political, and social life. One of the many important parts of Germania’s life style was their way of leading a family life. Tacitus described their family orientation as, abnormal. Their women were treated with much more dignity and value than anywhere else, for their time (98-7 AD). When men got injured during a war,...
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