Tabulation System

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Project Overview
Background of the Study
A computer is a device or machine for making calculations or controlling operations that are expressible in numerical or logical terms. Computers are constructed from components that perform simple well-define functions. The complex interactions of these components endow computers with the ability to process information. If correctly configured (usually by programming) a computer can be made to represent some aspect of a problem or part of a system. If a computer configured in this way is given appropriate input data, then it can automatically solve the problem or predict the behavior of the system.

System is a whole compounded of several parts or members, system, literary “composition” is a set of interacting or interdependent entities forming an integrated whole. A concept of an integrated whole can also be stated in terms of a system embodying a set of elements, and from relationships between an element of the set and elements not a part of the relational regime.

Tabulation means putting a data in a table. Table means a diagram which has a few vertical and horizontal lines. It’s a presentation of a data in a lucid form. It is the act or process of tabulating and table displaying data in a compact form.

A tabulation system for delivery to a medium of data information suitably arranged for tabulation of character series and ruled lines, and a control for controlling the data information arrangement applied to the medium. The control operates to allow the medium to sequentially deliver out control information for defining desired vertical ruled lines (columns), information regarding a horizontal ruled line (row) defining the upper side of a field between adjacent vertical ruled lines, information regarding character series to be written in the field and control commands for the writing, and information regarding a horizontal ruled line defining the lower side of the field.

A computer program has been developed at Purdue University that will greatly reduce the time required to conduct a 4-H contest. The computer program, written in Clipper and Dbase 3.3 Plus, handles registration details including supplying confirmation notices and a printed receipt to all coaches; prints contestants labels; assigns and calculates class cuts when necessary; tabulates scores by age divisions (clover, junior, senior, etc.), organizations (4-H, FFA, etc.), and contest (diary, crops, horticulture, etc.); and ranks individuals and teams by individual classes and overall contest. The program sets and prints results in a variety of options to fit user needs.

4-H professionals frequently spend a considerable amount of time planning and conducting agricultural judging events. The computerized contest organizer and tabulation system developed at Purdue University helps eliminate problems encountered with judging events.

Some automated scoring program built in Excel and uses embedded formulas to calculate the final scores and rank the contestant of each heat. The scores will be written down on paper, and then transcribed to this program as time permits either during the heat, or immediately following. Some practice and experience with this program prior to a contest is highly recommended. Additionally, having a dedicated tabulator who is neither a judge nor a contestant would be ideal.

Today, events are everywhere and judges are always involved in tabulating results. An ideal computerized system that would give them a satisfaction for judging, and a system that fits their different needs would result to flexible module for them to access the system easily.

The Pangasinan State University (Lingayen Campus) has pageant events. The PSU is currently using MS Excel and MS Access in tabulating. But, that was prepared right before the said events and sometimes it does not accomplish the user’s expectations.

PSU College of Computer Science is in charge in providing the...
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