Tablet Segmentation Psychographic Research

Topics: Tablet PC, Education, Seton Hall University Pages: 3 (1223 words) Published: February 26, 2013
FOM Group Work
Educational Tablet Research
Psychographic Segmentation
Lifestyles: Activities and interests
Activities: many students from all over the world as well as educational bodies descend upon the International Consumer Electronics Show(CES) every year to find out what the brand new technology is about to hit the streets. They do this as it enhances the possibilities for what can be made possible for the classroom. There are things such as the Oculus Rift which is a virtual reality headset, this piece of equipment can be used to replace school trips. There is also the McGraw-Hill learn smart advantage. This is a new piece of technology Atari are calling the smart book. It adapts to the readers learning capabilities and stores the files they need to work on as well as remembering the parts of text books which students will need to revise as it tracks their capabilities such as how fast they read, what they study most, what kind of books help them to study better etc... Then it gives the students options so that they can go back and revise what they need to at their own pace. This would definitely be a feature worth putting into our tablet, if they have not yet made an app.We should defiantly look into developing one. If the VR glasses are not yet developed for consumers then we should look into an adapter for our tablet. Edudemic is a website forum where students and teachers can leave blogs about what they think are the best ways of educating children at the moment and what the new educational products are like. The link i found is for the top 20 apps for young students at the moment they range from handwriting apps to amazing alex which is an app to teach children about physics. The second link below shows how apps for tablets and smart phones can help students with disabilities to learn. These apps help children with disabilities...
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