Tablet Pc's Future of Computer

Topics: Tablet PC, Windows XP, Personal computer Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Starting with the greatest name Of ALLAh who's most merciful and the most beneficent.. Wellcome to all of you in this mind blowing,,,mind pumping,,,mind touching,,,charming,,,,beautiful And the fantestic Mega vision seeminor of CAMBRIGE Institute Of Language And Proffesional Solutions........ Honorable Jewri Respectable Trainners and my dear Audiuance Assalam-o-alaikum My name is Zeeshan Ahmed and today i am going to deliver the presentation in this mega vision seeminar and my topic is......

Tablet Pc’s future of computer
Tablet pc’s the cross bread between a mobile phone and a laptop. They are taking the consumer market by storm. But Audiuance i want to ask a question what is the future of these amazing little gadgets? Tell me.....?? u dose'nt have any answere OK OK........

i will tell u about the future of these amazing little gadgets...... Remember the good old days when a bulky machine called a pc was something meant only for geeks..... The 8086, 286, 386, 486, and the pentium revolutionized the world of computing but only for short period of time...... PCs have always been fairly easy things to spot: if it has a keyboard, a display, a pointing device, storage and a selection of ports, it's probably a PC. This year, that's going to change.

Keyboards are becoming optional, and incoming technology could render them redundant. Instead of using a pointing device, you might just point, wave or blink.

Magnetic storage is being replaced by solid state storage, and more and more of your data will be stored on faraway servers. PCs are getting thinner and smarter, and evolving into ever more wonderful machines. Now by looking at the history we can learn something about the future. Net books are the new boom in the technological world and the reason being is that they are the next step to computers. The future? They will replace computers and laptops and become the new face of computing. There are already windows tablet computers running the normal...
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