Tablet or Laptop Computers

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Write An Evaluative Report On The Desirability Of Purchasing Either Tablet Or Laptop Computers For Use By The Logistics Department Of Your Company

The report evaluates tablet computers and laptop computers in order to choose which is more useful to the logistics department of the company. It focuses on three criteria, which are graphic record of information, ease of connection to communicate with others and suitability for travel. Although both of them have advantages and drawbacks, laptop computers are more appropriate.

Employees working in logistics department of a multinational company need electronic devices to track products, keep records and deal with some information and emergencies. They also need to travel and communicate with others frequently. There are two alternative devices to help their work which are laptop computers and tablet computers. This report will focus on three criteria in terms of special needs. The first presents graphic record of information including writing reports, keeping records and gathering information. The second considers ease of communicating with others such as ease of connecting to Internet and showing a presentation. The last one analyzes suitability for travel such as weight and durability. This report will analyze advantages and drawbacks of these two devices and show that laptop computers are more appropriate to logistic department.

According to Esteras (2002), the word ‘logistic’ refers to the practical issues surrounding transportation, warehousing and inventory management. In general, in supply chain, according to Breil-Hansen (2006), tasks include purchasing, planning and management of information. Therefore, graphic record is a prime factor for logistic employees, which includes keeping records, writing reports and gathering a large amount of information. Regarding typing reports, Tablet computer has a touchscreen interface which can use fingers or special pens to input characters. It can convert handwriting into text up to 99% accuracy (Valentine, 2011). According to Sherman (2012), 21 percent of users say that merely considering touchscreen interface makes it worth choosing tablet computers rather than laptop computers. However, laptop computers are more advantageous. Laptop computers have physical keyboards with cursor control keys, alphanumeric keys and function keys (Muir, 2008). Moreover, laptop computers have mouse (Valentine, 2011). These features of laptop computers can make typing characters more accurate. Regarding Random Access Memory (RAM), Tablet computers only have 1 gigabyte RAM (Crooks, 2003) while laptop computers have larger one and more memory can be added when needed (Muir, 2008). If employees possess laptop computers, they can improve their efficiency in writing. In terms of capacity of storage, Crooks (2003) points out that tablet computers have hard drive with maximum capacity of storage of 60 gigabytes whereas Muir (2008) states that most recent models can save as much as 500 gigabytes of information. The latter can give more space to store sufficient files and information. In addition, with regard to software applications, even if many software applications such as Microsoft Office are available to both of them, tablet computers are less compatible than laptop computers. In some cases, tablet computers cannot reveal images and slides distinctly, for example, ios (apple’s unique operating system) does not support video online in some websites. Laptop computers have powerful graphics cards to accomplish revealing image clearly (Muir, 2008). If the logistic department has some serious programming and specific applications, laptop computers have software support while tablet computers do not have.

As employees in logistics department who focus on supply chain, it is very sufficient...
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