Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Citation Pages: 4 (903 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Media, Culture and Globalization Theories
Master of Communication Studies – New Media and Society in Europe Academic year 2012-2013
Prof. Dr. Jan Loisen

Essay guidelines

Next to the exam on the course’s contents, you have to write an essay on a topic that is related to the course, and you either take issue with or wish to argue in favour of. The topic of choice can be almost anything. The sole condition is that it is related to the contents of the course, the reading materials or any debate related to media, culture and globalization. With the essay you can work on a topic that you find interesting, and show that you can critically reflect upon and understand theoretical perspectives and debates on media, culture and globalization. You can take issue with or advocate for, a.o.:

• a concept
e.g. cultural/media imperialism, cultural diversity, borderless world, retreat of the state, global village, one-way-flow, (cultural) hybridization, … • an author
in terms of his/her use of concepts, his/her theoretical framework, his/her whole oeuvre, his/her (mis)reading of texts, concepts, … • a theoretical school
in terms of its assumptions, its theoretical framework, its ideological background, its view on agency and structure, its associated methodologies, … • a specific ‘text’
e.g. a scientific article, monograph, vulgarizing article, television program, novel, film, … • any topic that you can relate to media, culture and globalization theories e.g. a policy action, an advertisement, a quote, an event, …

You are required to
• introduce and contextualize the topic you will discuss in the essay ; • make clear why you take issue with it or wish to argue in favour of; • motivate this argument on the basis of a critical literature study. In developing your argument, make use of - scientific literature – approximately 10 academic articles and/or books - related to the broad field of media, culture and globalization...
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