Table of Sociological Key Thinkers

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Key Thinker | Arguments/Explanantions/Studies| Topic|
Man Yee Kan| Found income from employment, age and education affected how much housework women did: better paid, younger and better educated women did less housework. | Impact of Paid Work| Gershuny: Trend towards equality| Non-working = 83% part time: 82% full time: 73% (longer wife was in paid more housework Husband was likely to do)| Impact of Paid Work| Crompton| Accepts Gershuny’s evidence. However, explains economic factors rather than changing values or role models. Women earnings increase= men do more in home. However, womens earnings are still 75% of mens. Concludes, earning unequal=domestic division of labour at home.| Impact of Paid Work | Silver and Schor | 2 major economic developments: * Housework has become more commercialised – Fast food outlets, Freezers, Microwaves and ‘Ready Meals’. * Women working - means they can afford these goods and services.Lead to ‘death of role of housewife’.| Commercialisation of Housework| Ferri and Smith| Dual Burden - Increased employment of women outside the home has had little impact on the domestic division of labour.| The Dual Burden| Duncombe and Marsden| Emotion work – women are expected not also to do paid work and housework but also emotion work.| Triple Shift| Barret and Macintosh| * Men gain far more from women’s domestic work than they give back in financial support. * The financial support men to their wives give usually comes with strings attached. | Resources and decision making in household| Pahl and Vogler | 2 main types of control over family incomePooling and The allowance system – Pooling more common amongst the neo-conventional family.| Resources and decision making in household| Edgell | V.Important decisions – finance, job changing or moving house (mens)Important decisions – children’s education and holidays (womens)Less Important decisions – clothes purchases and food (women0| Resources and...
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