Table of Age Stages

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1.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from 0-19 years.

Age| Physical (fine and gross motor)| communication| Intellectual| Social, emotionalAnd behaviour| moral| 0-1| * If anything is put into the baby’s hand the baby will automatically grasp it tightly(baby, fine motor) * Can use whole hand to hold a object(6months,fine motor) * Likes to use hands to splash in water (6months,fine motor) * Holds objects between the finger and thumb(9months,fine motor) * Turns lots of pages in a book at same time(12months,fine motor) * Uses hands to throw things(12months, fine motor) * Turns head to light or sound(baby, gross motor) * Begin to take their fists to their mouths(baby, gross motor) * Begin to have some head control(3months, gross motor) * Kicks(3months, gross motor) * Can roll from back to stomach(6months, gross motor) * Pulls up into a sitting position(9months, gross motor) * Stands up and sits up without help from an adult(12months, gross motor)| * Stops crying to sound of rattle. (3months) * Makes noises when happy. (3months) * Turns head to sound. (3months) * Starts to make tuneful double or single syllable sounds, eg 'da da '.(6months) * Turns to where familiar voice comes from. Listens to voice. (6months) * Babbles away to self, in melodically repetitive syllables, eg 'Mama mama'. (9months) * Copies simple sounds. (9months) * Knows the meaning of 'bye' and 'NO!' (9months) * Knows own name well. (12months)| * Visually alert, and follows adults with eyes, moves head.(3months) * Shows eagerness when offered milk(3months * Hand play. Loves to look at hands. Presses palms together, and clasps hands. (3months) * More alert now and eagerly watches people in the room.(6months) * Passes toy from hand to hand. Watches toy fall.(6months) * Recognises names.(9months) * Starts to master pincer grasp (holds small objects between thumb and forefinger). (9months) * Loves to bang two toys/bricks together to make a sound.(12months)| * Quietens to sound of familiar voice.(3months) * Shows pleasure when handled, and talked to.(3months) * Reacts happily to familiar situations.(3months) * Enjoys bath and other routine activites. (3months) * Smiles.(3months) * Shows distress at loud noises.(3months) * Becomes unfriendly to strangers at about 7 months. * Holds hands up to be lifted.(6months) * Touches breast or bottle when being fed.(6months) * Starts to be wilful and have tantrums.(9months) * Copies facial expressions.(9months) * Has favourite toys.(9months) * Recognises family members.(12months) * Doesn't like to be parted from parent/carer.(12months) * Can drink from cup with lid.(12months) * Shows affection.(12months)| * No moral development for the first few months. * Show joy by smiling, cooing and laughing when fed comfortable or safe. * Crying when distressed or unhappy.| 1-3| * Point to things they want(fine motor) * Can roll and throw a ball(gross motor) * Pull shoes off(fine and gross motor) * Use a spoon to feed themselves(fine motor) * Can walk and run confidently(gross motor) * Can put on and take off coat(fine and gross motor)| * Understands many words. Understands simple instructions. (15months) * Will scream to get something. (15months) * Sounds likespeech but not yet understandable. (18months) * Loves to try and sing nursery rhymes. (18months) * Follows simple requests like 'Go and see who's outside'. (2years) * Talks about themselves by their name.(2years) * Loves to sing nursery rhymes.(2years) * Knows difference between you, me and I.(2 ½ years) * Always asks “What are you doing?” or “Who's that?” etc. (2 1/2years) * Now will recitename, age and sex.(3years)| * Plays with bricks and can build tower of two.(15months) * Will hold the pencil in favoured hand.(2years) * Can now identify themselves in a photo.(2 ½ years) *...
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