Tabby Cats

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The Tabby cat has two main coat patterns and several colors. The most common colors are brown, silver, red, blue, black, and cream. They are recognized by their stripes or markings. A Tabby should have a butterfly shape on the shoulders, from which three stripes run along the spine, an oyster-shaped spiral on each flank, and narrow necklace-like stripes across the chest. The abdomen is spotted and both the tail and legs should be evenly ringed.

Facial characteristics of the Tabby include: medium ears, round tipped or pointed. Their eyes are large and round with copper, gold, orange, or hazel in color. Its head is round and broad, with a short, straight nose and a well-defined chin. This cat has very sharp teeth. The Tabby has “pencilings” on their cheeks and a brick red nose pad.

The body characteristics of the Tabby cat include: a strong, muscular, stocky type. Their tails are short and thick. They have short but well proportioned legs. Their front and back paws are long and round. They have long, sharp claws. They also have bilateral symmetry.

The Tabby cat coating provide an excellent camouflage in the wild or as a stray. Mostly, Tabby cats live in houses as pets. They love to be nurtured, are affectionate, and intelligent. They are mild tempered and tend to be very friendly. These cats like to eat multiple times a day, in quick portions, and eat many types of cat food. Just as wild felines cover the remains of a kill with leaves to hide it from predators so they can come back for more later, a pet Tabby scratches around his bowl in an attempt to cover any remaining food. They are very playful and can move fast depending on their age.

Tabby cats have many interesting ways of expressing body languages. Turned ears, squinting eyes, bared teeth, and the paw raised defensively mean, “Go away!” Tail raised and legs outstretched in a long stride, a self-assured, proud cat struts its independence. Exposing a vulnerable tummy is a...
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