Tabasco Sauce and Ice Cream

Topics: Mustard, Mayonnaise, Sauces Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: June 3, 2008
This short story Tabasco Sauce and Ice Cream leads me to believe there’s something in peoples minds that makes them think because some one is simply different that they are weird, because we as a society and for centuries before have tried to conceal disabilities from the public view and so they get treated differently. Bert shows this in the story. Through Bert’s ignorance; he didn’t understand the narrator of this story. Bert showed this through his actions, he used the narrator as entertainment by twirling his finger near his ear hole and winking at a customer.

Disabilities accordingly have become a visible presence in public. There is also public acknowledgement, people with disabilities are growing in expression and this is what the narrator was doing in the story, with having his set days to eat at the Noshery, Mondays were hamburgers, Wednesdays he had a Sundae and on Friday he had both, he also expresses his difference by ordering different sauces for his Sundays, such as Tabasco sauce, mustard and thousand island dressing, he didn’t care that it was different he was just making a point that he liked variety. Nick the owner of Nick’s Noshery let him express himself through his different sauces.

Nick and Charlie both accepted the narrator for who he was, a person who liked a change, “I see what a one you are for Varity” Charlie said “that’s what I like to see”. So when the narrator came in to get his Sundays, Charlie would say “and what delectable delight are we going to try today”.

The narrator liked nick and Charlie a lot because they accepted him for who he was, Nick also made the narrator feel important by telling Charlie “see you look after my very special customer, nick said, wasn’t that a nice thing to say, said the narrator” and Charlie would call out the narrators orders “One ice cream with (whatever) sauce, coming up!”

But sadly because of Bert’s behavior towards the narrator making him close his eyes while he was making an ice...
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