Taba Concept Development Lesson Plan

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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TABA Concept Development Lesson Plan

Teacher _________________________ Class ___________________ Unit/Topic/Data____________________________________________
Time Frame __________
NCSCOS Objectives:

Concept:| Generalization:|

Step 1: Data Collection
* Students brainstorm for examples and share most significant items—they need to discuss reasons for same * Students are not allowed to repeat items from a previous group (have your last group be the most likely to have complicated terms)—they must choose another Focusing Questions| Student Items (What the Students respond with)| “Based on what you know, have observed, or learned, what are some specific examples of ___________”| | Step 2: Grouping

* Students group brainstormed items based upon common attributes or relationships * Students move items and justify choices
* Students may not change any grouping from other groups without the original groups’ permission. Reasoning for permission or lack thereof must be given. If no reasoning is provided, the change is permitted. * Allow for debate of ideas, but original group has final say.

Focusing questions| Student Responses|
“Which of these items go together because they are alike in some way? Why?”| | “Which other items go together because they are alike in some way? Why?| |

Step 3: Labeling
* Students determine labels for class groupings and must justify their reasoning. * Seek three labels per group.
* If items are to be used in more than one group, recreate them. Do not move any items from one group to another. * It is okay to place multiple labels over the same group. Encourage students to debate their choices. Focusing questions| Student Responses|

“Remembering the reasons why we grouped these items, what would be a good name for this group?”“What is a good name for this group?”“What is another good name for this group? Why?”(Don’t forget the “Why?”)| (Check your planning sheet and see...
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