Ta for the Memories

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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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Ta for the memories
The short story by Deborah Moggach is about a woman called Edith , she is a writer and also a editor. In the beginning of the story she knows nothing about Kenny Loathsome and she knows nothing about music. She does not want to know , and she does not care about it. But then some day she got a job where she was hired to be the editor of the famous pop-star , Deborah Moggach. She was supposed to live with him for 2 weeks and write about his life and childhood. But when she arrives he watches tv and there is no possible way to get contact with him. She teaches him a lot , but more important he teaches her a lot. He teaches her a lot about life and about being famous. The story is written in the viewpoint of Edith and she tells that Kenny Loathsome is a guy with disgusting hair and a alcoholic gaze. Despite of that she says that he is a kind of good looking man. She also asks if he is a good singer, and he admits that he is not. Though either Edith or Kenny Loathsome think it is fair that he is a terrible singer and a millionaire , and that she has a beautiful voice and is broke, she stills talk to him with great respect. she asks a lot of questions , but he can’t answer any of them because of the amount of drugs and alcohol in his life. he wants Edith to make something up, so there is a biography of him. The people in the office are very jealous that Edith is gonna meet , and live with Kenny. They asks a lot of questions and wants to know everything that happens between Edith and Kenny. Before Edith leaves to live with Kenny, they tells her that Kenny has been with a lot of women. The ending of the story is very special. Edith comes home back to her colleages and tells that they have had sex. Her colleages are very interested and they want to know every little detail of the story. Later she hears that Kenny is doing a signing on his new published book in Harrods so she decides to go there and see him. She stands in the line and when she...
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