Ta Assignment 3 (Level 3)

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Teaching assistant

Assignment 3

Question 1; explain what is meant by the term national curriculum Question 2, Discuss 5 key factors that influence learning
Question 3, Comment on the role of the teaching assistant whilst supporting the planning and evaluation of learning activities Question 4, what feedback might a teaching assistant be expected to provide and in what form and to who might they be required to deliver it? Question 5; explain how a teaching assistant might recognise problems that might arise whilst supporting individuals and how this can be managed? Question 6, how would teaching assistant assist pupils to follow instructions and keep focused and motivated?

Question 1

Explain what is meant by the term national curriculum
The national curriculum is a legal requirement and is compulsory to all school children aged 5 to 16, except for pupils at independent school but private or public run schools must follow the national curriculum. All children must receive a full time education that is age appropriate and that they are capable of doing. It should be balanced and with that meaning, it should be of all educational varieties, English, Mathematics, Science and Re and Physical education. It should be mentally challenging but only for the age that it is aimed and taking into account that some pupils have special needs so they need more time to achieve that. The curriculum covers what subjects the children should be learning and it is set out over different key stages and in those key stages are the levels of what those children should achieve at the end of every key stage. The national curriculum is set out so that everyone has a firm understanding of how it works and it’s simple to follow. It gives you a great understanding of the knowledge that children of all ages gain from using the curriculum and that all the children are getting a fair education and they are all learning the same things within a time frame and will get variety of subjects. At the end of all key stages they have what is called sats (Standard Assessment Tests) and with those tests, the school use them to see what level the children are progressing and what areas they may need extra help. The national curriculum is reviewed constantly to make sure it meets the requirements and the needs of children in schools. All the learning that children do at school and all the tests that they are required to do, gives them a better understanding of achievement and helps them to build up a brighter future for when they are adults.

Question 2
Discuss the 5 key factors that influence learning
1. Parents,
Parents have the advantage of teaching their children from a very young age. You can teach a child through playing and simple things, like counting the stairs and pointing out colours and numbers from when they are babies. For a child to learn anything it has to be fun and exciting and if it’s not then you must make it interesting and fun. The more you help your child with their school work, the greater there wanting to learn and achieve more, will grow. The more you put in as a parent, the more you will get your child to believe in themselves and they will be confident learners and they will be willing to learn. 2. Learning styles,

Teachers have the advantage of being able to observe and pick up on what sort of learning styles the children have. There are 3 main types types of learners and they are Auditory learners(Hear) and Visual learners(see) and Kinaesthetic learners(touch), there is also body language. The teacher needs to have a firm knowledge of how the children learn and to what suits each individual child best. Once the teaching assistant and teacher have established what kind of learning styles their pupils have, they can then implement that in how they teach those pupils. Finding out how a pupil learns best will give them so much confidence and then...
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