T90 vs Teamgeist

Topics: Sphere, Association football equipment, Adidas brands Pages: 4 (1319 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Giancarlo Reyes
February 27, 2009
5. English essay

A player passing a ball back and forth moving across the field to get into a scoring position, a player passes it to his teammate, the teammate shoots … over the net it goes. The teammate said the ball was very light so he kicked with too much power and it went over the net. This is what I am trying to prevent, a light ball being called the best because it exceeds FIFA standards. The ball that was passed was the Adidas Teamgeist, this story is one of the many stories that this ball has cost teams a goal and sometimes the game. Top teams lose to lower class teams because of this ball. But there is a solution, the Nike T90 Omni. What makes the Teamgeist so light is the 14-panel construction of the thermally bonded ball. The ball is criticized by professional players, most of them say that the ball feels like it is made of plastic. The lightness of the ball makes player shoot the ball over the net which can get them kicked off the team. The ball claims to have a perfectly round surface but that does not make the ball better. Now let’s compare this ball to the T90 Omni. Nike’s football design director Tom De Blasis says “The innovative design of the panel geometry incorporates hexagons and pentagons to ensure a perfect sphere. The panels also evenly distribute pressure all around the ball to give a ‘360-Degree Sweet Spot’.” “The Nike T90 Omni has red asymmetrical band circling the ball to give a quicker read on the ball speed, location, spin-rate, and trajectory from all angles. The accuracy of the T90 Omni is enhanced by an exclusive aerodynamic micro-grooved PU casing, designed and developed in a wind tunnel, ensuring the Nike T90 Omni ball flies faster and truer to its intended target!” Tom De Blasis says. The Nike T90 Omni has many features that make it a quality and top of the line ball. The ball has four layers: The top layer is a micro-grooved PU casing which gives the ball exceptional...
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