Systems of Justice Serve Those in Power

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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systems of justice serve those in power

“Justice is like the kingdom of God; it is not without us as a fact, it is within us as a great yearning.” The notion of justice strongly resonates to what was mentioned in this quote by George Eliot. We all desire to live in a world that is fair and just but it is just beyond human’s aptitude because there are always two sides to every event and there is never complete justice for both. Every individual strive to have justice for various intentions and those in power often exploit the system of justice to mask their wickedness.

In this prevailing civilization, there is no doubt that laws are enforced by people at the top of the social hierarchy. People of authority will establish laws that seem to be unbiased and fair in their eyes, believing that this is in the best interest of the country, but in actual fact it is far from that. An example of such a situation is present in the Ancient Greek tragedy, written by Sophocles, “Antigone”. In the play the decree given out by the new king Creon only served himself as it makes it illegal for Ismene and Antigone to burry and honor the brother, Polynices for the very last time. Creon wanted to have the sense of control over the city of Thebes,thus enforcing the law without contemplating the views of the family members as well as the citizens as it was stated by the chorus saying “But he that, too rashly daring, walks in sin”. “I do not defy them; but I cannot act Against the State. I am not strong enough”. Ismene, as much as she wanted to honor the brother, she could not. Creon despite knowing the importance of a formal burial for the Greeks, he chastised Antigone and Ismene for breaking the law. It is hard for leaders to genuinely apprehend the privation of the people them. Thus, laws that are introduced are predominantly to the benefit of those in power. The system of justice allows the majority to create the terms of justice and the ethics of the minorities will usually...
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