Systems Media Table

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Systems Media Table Comparison
HCS/482 – Health Care Informatics

Systems Media Table: Comparison

|System |Purposes |Examples |Uses | |Word processor |The purpose of a word processor |Microsoft Windows created MS |A word processor allows the user| | |is to create text documents to |Word and MAC created Pages as |to edit, format, change font, | | |support communication and assist|its word processing software. |and produce desktop publishing | | |the writer to accomplish |Google Docs is another example |documents that can be exported | | |whatever tasks he or she sets |of word processing software. |and posted on the Web. Other | | |out to do (Englebardt & Nelson, |This application allows for |functions of a word processor | | |2002). It includes writing, |instant exchange of information |include allowing formatting | | |editing, formatting, and storage|between group members working on|capabilities, using color and | | |of text that is displayed when |tasks together (Manohar, |graphics to create newsletters, | | |the user is typing. |Anderson, Thornberry, & Ling, |and brochures (Englebardt et | | | |2011). |al., 2002). | |Hierarchical database |Hierarchical databases (HD), |Examples of a HD would include a|HD is useful when information | | |first used by IBM in 1960, are |list of staff members in a |needs to be retrieved in | | |arranged in a pyramid fashion, |hospital unit or patients |segments. A “one-to-many” | | |like branches of a tree |assigned to one clinical unit. |relationship is established. To| | |extending downward.  There is |Only one relationship can be |find a staff member the key | | |the parent record at the top |defined which can create extra |field is staffing names, and | | |called the root. Other records |work in finding information. The|segments or roots that drop down| | |are obtained by moving from the |ease in using these databases |are phone numbers and addresses.| | |top down passing from the parent|allows for fast and easy access |This system is easy and fast but| | |root to the child root beneath |if you know what information you|is very rigid as only very | | |until the record that one needs |need. |specific information is received| | |is found (Englebardt, et al, | |(Burleson Consulting, n.d.) | | |2002). | | | |Flat database |A flat database is a database |Columns and rows organize a flat|Flat databases manage | | |that stores data in a plain text|file database and can be |information about a particular | | |file. Each line of the text file|compared to a spreadsheet. |person or service provided. For | | |holds one record, with fields |Columns might contain...
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