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By | March 2013
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SE7 LunarGEM Requirements

Part 1:
Column topics:
1. Is the requirement stated properly? Y/N
2. What is the requirement position? P-parent, C-child, P&C-parent & child, O-orphan 3. Is the requirement’s rationale good or bad? G/B with good defined as understandable and clearly justifies the specific requirement. 4. Is the requirement functional, non-functional or a constraint? F/NF/C 5. Is this requirement verifiable? Y/N

6. Should this requirement even be a requirement? Y/N
7. Were specific standards, say from NASA, referenced in the requirement or rationale? Y/N

| Questions Regarding Requirements|
Requirement| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7|| The spacecraft shall be launched to Earth orbit using a launch vehicle selected by the NASA Discovery Program.| Y| Child| G| F| Y| Y| N|| The launch vehicle shall place the Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV) on a trans-lunar trajectory from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to Low Lunar Orbit (LLO).| Y| Child| G| F| Y| Y| Y|| The spacecraft shall maintain communications in transit to lunar orbit.| N| Child| B| F| Y| Y| N|| The OTV spacecraft shall perform course corrections during trans-lunar coast| Y| Child| G| F| Y| Y| N|| The OTV shall provide the delta V required enter lunar orbit| Y| Child| B| F| Y| N| N|| Lunar seismic vehicles shall separate from the OTV after lunar orbit insertion and descend to the surface of the moon| Y| Child| G| F| Y| Y| N|| The lunar landing sites shall be selected based on recommendations of the mission science team| Y| Child| G| NF| N| N| N|| The lunar seismic vehicle shall secure the seismometers to the moon’s sub-regolith rock| N| Child| G| F| N| Y| N|| The seismometers shall be calibrated once emplaced on the lunar surface| N| Child| B| F| N| Y| N|| Once calibrated, the lunar seismic network...

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