Systems Analysis and Design Ch 1 Review

Topics: Systems Development Life Cycle, Rapid application development, Software development methodology Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Chapter 1 Review Questions

1. Information systems analysis and design is the process of developing and maintaining an information system. It is a method used by companies to create and maintain information systems that perform basic business functions such as keeping track of customer names and addresses, processing orders, and paying employees. 2. Systems thinking is the process of understanding how things influence one another within a whole. Systems thinking is useful for thinking about computer-based information systems because information systems can be seen as subsystems in larger organizational systems, taking input from, and returning output to, their organizational environments. 3. Decomposition is the process of breaking down a system into its component parts. Coupling is the extent to which subsystems are dependent on each other. Cohesion is the extent to which a system or a subsystem performs a single function. 4. Organizations are systems because they are made up of interrelated components working together for a purpose. They take input from and return output to their environments. Organizations can be redesigned through a systems analysis and design process by which system components are replaced while preserving interconnections between components. 5. Transaction processing systems, management information systems, and decision support systems. Transaction processing systems (TPS) automate data handling about business activities and transactions. TPS systems can generate reports based on data input from transactions and other activities. A management information system can take data from the TPS and convert them into a meaningful aggregated form. They typically use information from several TPSs. Decision support systems provide an interactive environment where decision makers can quickly manipulate data and models of business operations to attempt to make predictions. 6. A systems development life cycle is a...
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