Systems Analysis and Design Case Study Chapter 4

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Hoosier Burger

a. How was the Hoosier Burger project identified and selected? What focus will the new system have?

The Hoosier burger project was identified through its short-comings by the Mellankamps. The project was selected as the business grows and demand is at an all-time high, the current systems at Hoosier Burger are not getting the job done. This is causing customer discontent and is affecting business negatively.

The new system is going to be heavily focused on inventory control systems. While other systems of Hoosier Burger will be looked at, an improved inventory control system will greatly increase productivity for the Mellankamps.

b. Identify the Hoosier Burger project’s scope.

The Hoosier Burger project’s scope is to implement new systems in inventory control, customer ordering, and management reporting systems. This project is set up to increase the overall effectiveness by introducing new and improved systems. Alternatively, a new point-of-sale system may be within the scope of this project as well.

Petrie’s Electronics

1. Look over the scope statement. If you were an employee at Petrie’s Electronics, would you want to work on this project? Why or why not?

As an employee of Petrie’s Electronics, I would want to be on this project team. The project itself is being put together with the primary goal of increasing the amount of customers the frequent Petrie’s Electronics. As an employee of almost any title with in the company, increased customer base is equally important to everyone. Sales associates will make more sales, managers will increase their monthly numbers, profits will rise, and as the stores become busier, all positions will be in full demand and lay-offs would be less likely in a thriving business. If I had the opportunity to be on the team I would, and I would want to increase all odds of the projects success.

2. If you were part of the management team at Petrie’s Electronics, would you approve the project outlined in the scope statement? What changes, if any, need to be made to the document?

As part of management, I would approve of the current scope statement. The statement clearly outlines what the goals of the project are in the Project Overview section. This overview is then broken down into individual objectives needed to be completed in an effort for the project to meet its goals. The only thing I would like added to the scope statement would be some kind of expected outcome. Obviously the goals are increased profits by creating a customer loyalty program. What could be added is what the project is expected to cost and how much of an increase would be expected after the implementation of the project. These estimates could be easily attained by researching other companies before/after their customer loyalty programs.

3. Identify a preliminary set of tangible and intangible costs you think would occur for this project and the system it describes. What intangible benefits do you anticipate for the system?

Tangible Costs: cost of project team, cost of implementing the project (rewards cards, rewards tracking software, rewards points redeemables)

Intangible Costs: operational inefficiency, employee moral due to increased workload

Intangible Benefits: customer loyalty, store reputation, competitive necessity

4. What do you consider to be the risks of the project as you currently understand it? Is this a low-medium-or high-risk project? Justify your answer. Assuming you were part of Jim’s team, would you have any particular risks?

I think one of the biggest risks of this project is time. With having busy team members on the project, getting things done and on schedule is going to be the most difficult part of the project. Overall, I would assess this project as a low or medium risk project. Historically, the trends in customer loyalty programs in the retail industry are huge. This programs do everything...
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