Systematic Theology: Myer Pearlman's Contrast on the Five Theories of Sin

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Omar Perich


Systematic Theology II

Myer Pearlman’s contrast on the 5 theories of sin
1. Atheism- Myer Pearlman’s contrast to this view lies in the fact, that “when man is guilty of wrong doing to God does this constitute sin”. All wrongdoing is directed against God, for wrong is a violation of right, and right is the law of God. Man therefore needs pardon based on a Divine provision of atonement or in other words a fresh start, new beginning, re-birth through Jesus Christ.

2. Determinism- Myer Pearlman’s contrast to this view simply states, “The scriptures consistently affirm that man is free to choose between good and evil”. Far from being a victim of fate or chance, man is declared to be the arbiter of his own destiny. English Scholar Dr. Johnson once declared: Sir we know that our wills are free, and that’s the end of it. That ounce of common sense outweighs a ton of philosophy.

3. Hedonism- Myer Pearlman’s contrast to this view states “This theory is the desire to minimize the gravity of sin, and blur the lines between good and bad, right and wrong”. It represents an old variation of the old lie, “Ye shall not surely die”. Sin sugarcoated with the soothing assurance “This wont hurt you”, blending and introducing a grey district of sin. Many are the Divine warnings found in God’s word to those that attempt to confuse the moral distinctions.

4. Christian Science- Myer Pearlman’s contrast to this view strongly suggests, “The
scriptures denounce sin as a positive violation of Gods law”
A real offense, meriting a real punishment, in a real hell.

5. Evolution- Myer Pearlman’s contrast to this view clearly portrays “Animals do
not sin; they live according to their nature, and experience. No consciousness of guilt for so acting. According to Dr. Leander Keyser “ If the selfish and bloody struggle for existence in the animal kingdom was the method of progress, bringing man into...
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