Systematic Teaching for Special Education

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Systematic teaching for special education is very important to assure quality educational responsibility to students that need just a little push. Since there are nine adaption techniques I will try to relate 4 teaching strategies to them. Teaching strategy regarding Instructional grouping Since special education progress with a child has and will always be based on “outcome”, goals one technique has been instructional grouping. Instructional grouping is nothing more than grouping children with the same or similar learning styles. This techniques falls right in line with an adaption called, Level of Support. Level of support is when you group children to work cooperatively with peers, paraprofessional, mentors, cross age tutors. The second strategy to me would be enthusiasm. I think when we as teacher can show not only that we know our stuff but we show that we love what we do than we can adapt in content presentation. Content presentation is when a teacher shows effectiveness in presenting lessons and activities. The adaption to this would be, Input, input is when the instructional strategy used to facilitate student learning by way of videos, computer programs, field trips, and visual aides. Provided practices would be strategy number 3. Provided practices are proven techniques or skills for a teacher to be most effective. The adaption to this would be Substitute curriculum. Significantly differentiated instruction and materials to meet a learner’s identified goals. In others word use what the child already has knowledge of to increase the learning of a subject. And but not least number 4 strategy for teaching, progress monitoring. Progress monitoring to me would be the adaption, Difficulty. Difficulty is the varied skill levels, conceptual levels, and progress in learning. This can be done by tier assignments and goal settings.

References Rosenberg, M. S., Westling, D....
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