Systematic Study of Organizational Behavior

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  • Published: May 24, 2008
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There are many factors that have an influence on the manager’s role in an organization. Three of the most important factors affecting the manager’s role are Globalization, Intuition, and Diversity.

In today’s business environment, more and more companies are conducting business on a global basis. With the power of the Internet moving information at the speed of sound, business can be conducted without national boundaries. As a part of the emerging globalization in commerce, managers in organizations of all kinds are dealing with a new set of concerns.

In today’s workplace of diverse cultures and values, managers must be able to adapt their work styles and behaviors to the differences of the individuals in their workforce. There is a temptation for managers in many American companies to believe that, although institutions are different, managers in other countries make the same assumptions that they do (Likierman, 2006). This is a temptation American managers must resist as the global workplace is very different based on the country where the company conducts business.
To build a truly global organization, the management team of an organization must create a global corporate mindset. The term corporate mindset refers to how the company sees the world and how this affects its actions (Paul, 2000). Developing a global corporate mindset is one of the most difficult practices a manager can undertake. A global corporate mindset determines to what extent a management team encourages and values cultural diversity, while simultaneously maintaining a degree of strategic cohesion (Paul, 2000). Management must first create a market strategy that is global in nature and then create an environment that supports the organization’s efforts to conduct business globally. The organization must consider business issues such as communication tools, operating procedures, employee staffing, and corporate structure to build and foster a global business...
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