Systematic Approach to Teaching

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Systematic Approach to Teaching

By | Feb. 2013
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Charmaine Grace C. Embernate
Educational Technology II

Systematic Approach to Teaching
(Systematized Instruction)

“A plan that emphasizes the parts may pay the cost of failing to consider the whole, and a plain that emphasizes the whole must pay the cost of failing get down to the real depth with respect to the parts."  – C. West Churchman

    The broad definition of educational technology encompasses systems or designs of instruction. In this lesson, let’s discuss a symbol system or a systematic approach to instruction. The focus of systematic instructional planning is the student.  Instruction begins with the definition of instructional objectives that consider the students' needs, interest and readiness.  On the basis of these objectives, the teacher selects the appropriate teaching methods to be used and, in turn, based on the teaching method selected, the appropriate learning experiences and appropriate materials, equipment and facilities will also be selected. The use of learning materials, equipment and facilities necessitates assigning the appropriate personnel to assist the teacher and defining the role of any personnel involved in the preparation, setting and returning of these learning resources.  The effective use of learning resources is dependent on the expertise of the teacher, the motivation level or responsiveness, and the involvement of the students in the learning process.  With the instructional objective in mind, the teacher implements planned instruction with the use of the selected teaching method, learning activities, and learning materials with the help of other personnel whose role has been defined by the teacher. Examples of learning activities that the teacher can choose from, depending on his/ her instructional objective, nature of the lesson content, readiness of the students are; * reading...

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