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  • Published : July 19, 2011
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System Thoery in Public Relations
A system is a set of interacting units that endures through time within an established boundary by responding and adjusting to change pressures from the environment to achieve and maintain goal states. Systems theory is a useful way for public relations practitioners to understand the relationship between an organization and its publics and the role of public relations within an organization. With different kinds of situation, public relations practitioners have different ways to handle and solve those issues. There are 3 types of environmental changes which can cost PR practitioners to make another decision to deal and to adapt those issues which are: 1. Information

2. Action
3. Relationships

Structure plans and programs of organization.| | Desired relationship with public (goal state)|

Knowledge predisposition and behavior of publics|

Four Elements of Systems Theory
* Input = Incoming information identifying and detecting problem (loss of equilibrium with interpenetrating systems within the environment)

* Throughput = Processing of information

* Output = Response from organization; outgoing messages to restore equilibrium; creates new equilibrium. Proactive or reactive.

* Feedback = Response from environment; indication if problem has been solved. The concept of feedback is linked to cybernetics: Communication that helps a source control a receiver's behavior. This can be understood through the analogy of a furnace thermostat * rooted in environmental effects

* initiated by decision-making about the environment (setting the room temperature) * responsive to environment (changing the setting based on inside or outside temperatures)

Open & Closed Systems in System Theory
There is open and close system in this System Theory. Open systems adapt quickly to the environment in which they live by possessing permeable boundaries through which new information and ideas...
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