System Study of New Zealand Creamery, Inc.

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System Study of New Zealand Creamery, Inc.

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COMS331P – Practicum

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Ms. Roda N. Sanares
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Vernon Edward E. Guintu

1. Company Background

a. History of the Company

The company started out in 1958 as a joint venture with New Zealand Dairy Board. Under this venture, New Zealand Creamery would provide all the local support needed while New Zealand Dairy Board would provide all the technology needed to produce dairy products. Unfortunately, the management teams were not able to agree on all of the terms of the agreement, so the project never materialized. In 1960, the company once again entered into a joint venture with Golden State California which is a part of the Foremost Dairy group of the United States. Hence, the company was now named Golden State Philippines. Under this agreement, Golden State of California was to provide the production and purchasing aspect and Golden State Philippines would provide the marketing and physical Distribution of finished goods. However, due to technical difficulties, Golden State Philippines had to cancel its contract with Golden State California. It was at this point that the founder decided to pursue the existing business by sending his manager t undergo training in Australia and New Zealand in order to gain the technical and production know how. After gaining the valuable education, the company was now ready to go back into business on its own. But with the contract of Golden State Canceled, it had to acquire a company name in order to resume operations in the soonest possible time, and since an application for a business name in the SEC took a long time to process, to owner of the company decided to reactivate the name New Zealand Creamery, in 1962, and ever since then, the company has been known to be New Zealand Creamery, Inc. The Company is now a leading producer of Philippine’s processed dairy products, ranging from cheeses, from your breakfast pandesal and chess to your spaghetti cheese to your annual Christmas Queso de Bola, to butters of all kinds. The company is also one of the biggest suppliers of dairy products to leading fast foods and restaurants, your favorite chicken and spaghetti tandem and pizzas and burgers, most have the company’s best product in them The current Executives of the company has donated so far 4 classrooms. Eric Ongkauko along with his sister Lucy Ongkauko generously donated rooms for the school located very near the company.

b. Vision/Mission
New Zealand Creamery, Inc. aims to be the leading household name in the dairy industry by providing quality food products. Is aspires to become one of the internationally known dairy manufacturers in the world which adheres to strict quality standards, comparable to some of the world’s best

* To make New Zealand Creamery a household name synonymous with quality food products. * To commit itself to provide its clientele with a reasonable price for a quality product * To increase the company’s revenue by expanding the market with quality food products. * To maintain a strict standard of quality in its production process * To maximize the efficiency of the company’s resources in all of its undertaking.

c. Organizational Chart

I. Statement of the Problem

Obsolete – The system was written in VB6 limiting some of its functions that should be available by now in different programming engines; uses MS Access as database and can only run on windows XP, and generally, its lacks functions; Since it was mainly made only for the input and output of invoices, other functions such as payrolls and loading are still made manually. Data integrity – The system, as stated above, uses only access as a database, it’s...
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