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Topics: Chef, Brigade de cuisine, Auguste Escoffier Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: December 16, 2012
The Brigade System

The Classical System vs. Modern Brigade System

The brigade system was instituted by Escoffier. Escoffier palace as a very important person in the culinary world. He simply the work in a restaurant. Under this system, each position has a station and defined responsibilities. My experience the classic brigade system is still in palace depending where you work. I worked at Maggiano’s Little Italy. I would have to say that the line cooks and prep cooks have more work now. Compare to back in the day they had one person for everything. I can say we didn’t have a poissonier, rotisseur, entremetier, boucher, and legumier. Some of this the line cooks do this jobs. Expect the poissonier and boucher the executive chef or sous chef. Every station has two people so one does the orders and the other does the prep. Once it gets busy the other person has to jump in and help with the orders. Now in days not everyone is a chef. We are called line cooks. Maybe some cooks in a higher level then others. Like my husband knows all the station at Maggiano’s. His level in the brigade system he is not a cook by not a sous chef. He is more like a commis but now in days is a junior chef he is under the sous chef. He also is a commis, tournant, chef de partie, and aboyeur. My level in the brigade system a consider garde manger, friturier, and assist accounting manager. This were my position when I worked at Maggiano’s. now in days the name of the position have a change a gard manger is pantry cook, friturier is appetizer cook. Yes, I think we should still call it the brigade system. The only thing that has change is that the cooks have more work and responsibilities. The job positions are still the same. Only difference is that classic brigade they used more fancy words and had a person for every job. Now in days the title are different but still the same like pantry cook is garde manger. No, I don’t think chef Di Parte’s is not the same as 250...
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