System of a Down Summery

Topics: Rock music, 2009 singles, Song Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Summery of the song

The song is about how any government in any country would much rather kill there own people and race then spend the money on food and things that will preserve it. This song also explains how greedy the government and the world can really be, “ ever time you drop the boom you kill the god your child has born” I think this means all life is important and anyone including the children can change or have a huge impact on the world. The song also means that if we spend money on life instead of death the world would be a better place and there wouldn’t be any more wars, death for no reason or fighting.

Summery on band/artist

System of a down is a wanna be hard rock band but there sing and make songs about serious things like in the song “boom” in this song they sung about how the world would be a better place if they spend money on food and water and anything that will help preserve life instead of bombs used to kill people and destroy buildings. The song prison song is about how people build there own prisons around them no matter what is it if it work or money problems that you cant get out of. System of a down is a great band to listen to because there songs are meaningful and if you listen to the lyrics and you understand them you will start to think about all the things the song brings to the light.
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