System Migration Plan

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System Migration Implementation
Phase I Oracle Environment

On December 16, 2006 the migration of the production database will take place. It has been deemed necessary to move our Oracle production database to a more robust server for future growth. At this time the database resides on a p650 unit that will be utilized in phase two of this migration. Below find the laid out plan as it pertains to the move.

December 16, 2006:There will be a complete backup of the existing server. December 17, 2006:Starting early that morning, the backup of the existing server will be restored on to the new server emulating the current environment. While the restore of the new server is taking place, the existing server will be set up for the actual move of the existing Oracle database.

Step.1: The mounted file system will be un-mounted from the operating system, at that point after recording all the necessary paths. Step.2: The volume group that the file systems reside in will be varied off, and then exported. After this step the database which resides on the EMC Symmetric will no longer exist on the present database server. Step.3: The server will be totally taken down and power will be totally extinguished. Step.4: The remove of the fibber channel card that leads back to the EMC database location. The data on the EMC/database will go unchanged or accessed at this point. Step.5: The fibber channel card will then be placed in the new server. Step.6: The new server will then be powered on with the fibber channel card from the now existing server, and then the database will be imported to that server. Step.7: At this point all the network and fibber connections will be moved to the new sever from the existing one using the same IP/Hostname to eliminate further configuration changes or delays. Step.8: A DBA will be contacted to confirm the migration success, and then the server will be taken down for the data center outage.

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