System Integrity and Validation

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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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Running head: System Integrity and Validation

System Integrity and Validation
Aaron Stewart
University of Phoenix
Accounting Information Systems
Yasin Dadabhoy
September 19, 2011

Preface Kudler Finer Foods has a very strong accounting information system in place but there is room for improvement. Kudler’s has taken the steps in the correct direction by implementing an industry specific system. Computer technology only makes auditing Kudler Finer Foods easier and more accurate. Computer assisted auditing tools and techniques CAATs is highly recommend for Kudler finer Foods. The ability to share information with clients and auditor’s is one of the selling points. The main selling point of using CAATs is that every avenue of Kudler’s accounting information system will be reviewed and will ensure Kudler Finer Foods that their system integrity is intacted as well as the validation of the system. In the brief to follow will explain why using computer technology and CAATs makes the best business sense.

System Integrity and Validation
Kudler Finer Foods has come to the accounting firm in search of recommendations regarding the companies, computer information system, automated process of their accounting information system, data table analysis, internal control and risk evaluation, and an audit proposal. Kudler’s recent visit was warranted by concerns of the company’s system integrity and validation. Kudler Finer Foods has an excellent rapport with the accounting firm. The accounting firm will inform Kudler on the selected auditing techniques the accounting firm will use to validate data, and their system integrity. The firm will provide an explanation of the functions of the audit productivity software, followed by an explanation of the uses in the systems design.

Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques used to Validate Data and System...
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