System Development Cycle

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Explain the System Development Life Cycle?
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The System Development Life Cycle involves mainly the three steps or the stages and these can be summarized as the follows

1. The Definition Stage – This stage further consists of the following four sub-stages :

a. Proposal Definition

I. Involves mainly the preparation of a request for a proposed application. II. Proposal mainly helps in the up gradation of an existing application. III. The application must not be long winding and complex.

IV. The application can be fully justified.
V. The application must be brief and also should be very crisp. VI. The proposal must consist of the regards, the organizational needs, the organizational support, the required time span and also the proprietary clause.

b. Feasibility Assessment

I. Helps in finding out the extent of the feasibility.
II. Acts as a very important step of the System Development Life Cycle. III. Helps in the determination of whether the proposed solution is feasible in the nature or achievable, depending on the resources, the problems and the constraints of the organization. IV. In this step, one is able to make a group of the selection criteria, a selection procedure and also an effective decision making. V. For having an in-depth analysis of the feasibility, one must keep into notice the following points

A. Technical Feasibility
The various questions that can be asked in this step involves : a. Can the organization implement the proposed solution with the help of the technology that is present or that is available? b. Can the solution be implemented with the help of the hardware, the software and the technical resources that are available to the organization? c. Is the technology that is available to the organization obsolete in the nature or not? d. Is the technology that is available to the organization intermediate, state of the art or very HiFi in the nature?

B. Economic Feasibility
a. The assessment of the savings to be effected and the cost benefits takes place. b. Helps in the assessment of the possibility of whether the benefits of the proposed solution would outweigh the costs or not. c. Helps in the calculation of the tangible and also the intangible benefits.

C. Operational Feasibility
a. Helps in the assessment of the management, the non management and the general positions of the organization. b. Whether the proposed solution is desirable within the available managerial framework, can also be examined by performing this step in the feasibility assessment phase.

D. Motivational Feasibility
a. The assessment of the degree of the motivation that is used for providing the much needed support to the development and the implementation of the application from the users is done in this step.

E. Schedule Feasibility
a. The degree of the chances of whether the development process of the application can be completed within the stipulated time or not, are assessed.

After performing the Feasibility assessment, one need to prepare the report of the Feasibility and it should be kept in mind that the Feasibility Report must consist of the following points

1. The basic information of the proposal.
2. Highlights as the regards expected costs and the benefits. 3. A gist of the technical, the operational, the motivational and the schedule Feasibility assessment. 4. The expectations linked to the development schedule and the resources that are required.

C. Information Requirement Analysis

a. Very important part of the systems development life cycle. b. Acts as the base for the whole edifice of the information system. c. The information objectives of the system can be determined in a very efficient manner. d. Helps in the determination of the needs of the information when, where, how and who requires that information. e. Gives vital information about the following

I. Inputs and the outputs...
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