System Design Methodology

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System Development Methods CE00321-2

Project Specification

Date Assigned:
Date Due:

(Sample Case)


Newbiz Telecommunication Services is a company that sells mobile phones, mobile accessories, prepaid cards and other items related to telecommunications and mobile computing industry. The company intends to develop a system to manage its inventory needs. This system will be used by the company’s staff and management to monitor the movement of its stocks.

Among the many reasons why the system is required are:
a. The system enables the company to reduce labor and paper costs since many of the daily functions will then be automated. b. It allows employees to concentrate on their jobs rather than spending time on searching records. c. Human errors can be reduced e.g. calculation error might lead to wrong billing to the customers. d. It allows the company to keep track of its stock levels as late replenishment of inventory can result in insufficient stocks to meet customer demands. e. The time it takes to process sales to customers can be made faster. Faster response time means that sale of items can be quickly closed. f. It presents a good image to the company’s clients leading to more confidence in the company. This allows it to gain a competitive advantage over its competitor. g. Inventory levels can be closely and easily watched with the new system as the management has better control over inventory levels. This is because inventory levels are updated every time a sale to customer is made and whenever new stocks arrive. Project Requirement Specification

The aims of this assignment are to:
* Develop skills in choosing an appropriate traditional methodology * Develop skills in applying structured techniques that are relevant to the chosen methodology * Develop skills in analysing and recording the requirements of a system * Develop skills in analysing and developing different views of a system * Develop skills in developing a prototype, with suitable interface, from conception through to implementation * Demonstrate a knowledge of the fundamental issues of HCI by applying interface design principles to a prototype

The total assessment marks of this group case study is 100% (50% of overall module marks)

Outline of Task:
You have been given the task to analyse, design and develop a prototype for the given Case Study. Your class will be divided into groups. Each group will comprise of 2 or 3 team members. Part-A is a ‘Group Component’, to be completed in a collaborative manner (60%). Part-B is an ‘Individual Component’, to be completed by each member of the group respectively (40%).

Suggested Presentation Format
This project is a group effort and should be treated as though you are proposing a system for an organisation. The following is a suggested minimum report format. It is recommended that your report contain at least the following:


Cover Page
Your cover page should contain the standard information such as UCTI Logo, Subject Title, System Name, etc

Table of Contents
The table of contents should have the topic title and reference page number attached to each topic.

This should include your task, the scope of the proposed system, and the objectives for the proposed system.

Schedule Planning - Gantt Chart & PERT CHART
This should include your group’s schedule on this assignment and the dates and tasks and the responsible group member(s) has to be included in your schedule. All this information should be shown in a Gantt chart, PERT Chart and Workload Matrix (sample workload matrix attached).

Problem Analysis - Current Systems
Brief analysis of the current system including description of the...
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