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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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CIS 4690 Questions for Project Management 1. What is PMI and PMBOK? What is their significance as related to project management? Describe the project lifecycle model, its phases and typical activities in each phase. (Fig 2-6 & 2-7) Describe the plan-do-check-act cycle. Describe each phase. Describe Deming’s influence on the model. Describe the role of project managers and characteristics that contribute to their success. Differentiate between functional, projectized and matrix organizational structures. How does each influence the project? How do they affect project time and cost estimates? Define project charter and project definition. What is the purpose of each? Who uses each? Compare their contents. What is a requirements baseline? Describe how the requirements baseline is created and its contribution to defining deliverables. Describe common pitfalls of requirements gathering. Draw and describe the project priority matrix. When should it be created and used? What is its purpose? What is a work breakdown structure? Describe its components and formation. How are resources allocated within the work breakdown structure? How does the work breakdown schedule relate to the project network diagram? What is an estimate and what does it include? How does it differ from a budget? When should estimating be done? What is the difference between effort-based and duration-based estimations? Define availability, productivity, utilization and elapsed time. Differentiate between top-down and bottom-up estimating. What is the hybrid approach? Describe estimation methods including analogous (apportion), parametric (ratio), consensus, expert judgement. Be able to compute an estimate using a learning curve. When is the learning







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curve approach appropriate? 15. What are function points? Compute function points and estimate required manpower for a given scenario. Contrast resource leveling and resource...
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