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Topics: Agile software development, Systems Development Life Cycle, Iterative and incremental development Pages: 6 (1180 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Data - a given fact
-raw materials in the production of information
Information-data that have meaning within the context

System- set of component that work together to achieve a common goal Subsystem- products of more than one system combined reach an ultimate goal. Information System (IS) - all components that work together to process data and produce information Computer-Based Information System (CBIS) - information system that uses computer technology to perform tasks Hardware – is the physical layer of information system

System Software-controls the hardware and software and the Operating System Application Software –consist of programs that processes data to produce information

Processes- define the tasks that must be performed by users

Users/end users/people ware - people who use the system

Functional are information System or Departmental information system- support the activities within specific FUNCTIONAL AREAS.

Transaction Processing System (TPS) - process TRANSACTION data from business event. Enterprise resource planning System (ERP) - all functional areas of the organization Interorganizational Information System (IOS)

-IS that connects 2 or more organizations and support
INTERORGANIZATIONAL operations such as supply chain management -manage the flow of product, services and information among organization Supply Chain- describes the flow of materials, information, money and services from raw material suppliers through factories and warehouses to the end consumer.

Electronic Commerce System (ECS)
-enable TRANSACTIONS among organizations and between organizations and customers.

-support daily work activities of individual of group
Management Information System (MIS)
-produce reports summarized from transaction data
Decision Support System
-provide access to data analysis tools
Expert System (ES)
-human expert in a particular area and make a decision

Knowledge workers
- professions employees.
-they create information and knowledge about specific area and integrate it into an organization

Executive Information System (EOS)
-summarized information about the aspects business important to executive

1. System Planning
2. System Analysis
3. System design
4. System Implementation
5. System Operation and support
Waterfall Model-result of phrase end product or deliverable flows down to the next phase

Interaction Model- An alternative model were planning, analysis and design interact

System Planning- to identify problems’ nature/ scope

System request- begins the process and describes desired changes/improvements End product- preliminary investigation report

System Analysis - to understand business requirements and build a logical model of new system

Fact finding or requirements determination- used to define all functions of the current system. System requirement documentation- end product of system analysis phrase

System design- to create blueprint for new system that will satisfy all documented requirements -identify all outputs, inputs, files, manual procedures and application

System design specification-end product of system design

System Implementation- construct/ deliver information system -to deliver a completely functioning and documented information system System Operation and support- IT staff maintains and enhances the system

Maintenance- changes correct errors and adapt to changes in the environment Enhancements- provide new features and benefits

Agile Development- is an umbrella term for several iterative and incremental software development methodologies. Most popular agile methodologies include:
1. Extreme Programming(XP)
2. Scrum
3. Crystal
4. Dynamic Systems Development Method(DSDM)
5. Lean Development
6. Feature Driven Development(FDD)

Agile Alliance- is a non profit organization...
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