System Analysis and Design Documentation

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Chapter 1
Project Definition

We consider water as one of our vital needs. Ever drop shall be totally safe to drink. Being such, both our local and national government pursue the extension of basic essential health services in communities as well as to upgrade and facilitate field health operation. The Department of Health (DOH) is the government agency principally tasked to implement these sanitation procedures, and together with Municipality of Carmona, Regional Water Laboratory (Region IV-A CALABARZON) was established.

Regional Water Laboratory is responsible for examination and analysis of water from different sources within Region IV-A. They provide services in accordance to Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water and DOH approved standard methods. Major methods such as Multiple Tube Fermentation Technique and Heterotrophic Plate Count are done to test if the water is safe to drink or not. Their clients are of two types, those which are required to get water bacteriological test from their laboratory and those which voluntarily request for water examinations. Establishments such as water districts, water refilling stations and other water establishments are mandated to get monthly regular water examination.

RWL is consists of licensed and skilled water bacteriologists tasked to do the examinations, laboratory assistants for data recordings and assistance and sanitary inspectors for necessary inspections and monitoring of client’s requests. It is also provided by DOH with machines, laboratory equipments, tools and proper facilities for operation. Computers are provided as well for printing important reports to be given to respective recipients such as clients and health offices.

In the current system of Regional Water Laboratory, their operation starts when the clients request for water examination. Clients will be given Request Form where necessary data about them and their water sample will be filled up. They will also be provided with sterilized bottles where samples shall be placed. As the client submits the Request Form with bottled water sample, the laboratory assistants will record the request and water sample details in their logbooks. Clients will also be given the bill for examination payment; he or she shall pay the examination amount at Municipal Treasury to get the official receipt on or before getting the test result. The result can be received after one week.

The examination will be done right after the water samples are submitted in the laboratory. The client decides what type of methods should be done, and the length of examination depends on it. If the method is Multiple Tube Fermentation Technique, it will take two days to test the water. After the submission of samples, it will undergo Presumptive Test. After 24 hours, the observation details will be recorded in the logbook. Based on this observation, Confirmatory and Completion Tests will be done next. The same procedure of recording is done. Based on these observations and consultation to reference tables, laboratory personnel will prepare the result of water analysis. They will encode each result in MS Excel and print it to be given to the clients.

Heterotrophic Plate Count Method can be done within a day. Plate counter is the equipment use to count the colonies present in the water. After the counting, certain mathematical formula is used to compute the result as Colony Forming Units per ml (cfu/ ml). Computations are done using calculator and record the results in logbook again.

After one week, the clients can get the analysis result after showing the official receipt to the laboratory personnel. At the same time, the personnel will record the OR number and other payment details.

Reports about water examinations are prepared quarterly and annually. It includes the number of tests using MTFT and HPC are done, and the number of failed in those...
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