System Analysis and Design Documentation

Topics: Dentistry, Dental technician, Oral and maxillofacial surgery Pages: 10 (2989 words) Published: March 8, 2013
A Proposed Dental Clinic Information System for Sibulo-Gutierrez Dental Clinic

Informatics International College
Cainta, Rizal

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course Bachelor of Science in Information Technology for the System Analysis and Design


Honey Rose Andres
April Pandalag
Mary joy Torio


Chapter 1

The computer is most likely one of the great technologies ever invented. Nowadays, people tend to see the future with computers in it. Presently computers have influenced the society and they do more than simply compute. Computers can now be on office tool and commonly used in businesses. More complex information can be collected and explored with the use of computer-based information system. Information technology nowadays, invaded the workplace and served modern corporations a proficient infrastructure.

Due to futuristic ideas of people, they tend to use an information system to their businesses. Some even pay a high amount of money in order to obtain an information system. Though in reality futuristic ideas of people or company owners is only one of the few reasons why people choose to have an information system. There are many businesses that play a vital role in the society. And the researchers focus on Health care, specifically Dental Health care. According to Ardee Joy’s thesis regarding a patient information system that whether information is handwritten or entered electronically, the medical orders become a part of a patient is very important for dental records are mostly gathered when a person dies.

Health care is the preservation of mental and physical health by preventing or treating illness through services offered by the health professionals. Whereas, dental health is preservation of the tooth and preventing or treating various problems of the tooth.

According to Taylor of the book ‘qualitative research methods, the public requires a health facility which can also be applied to a dental facility four qualities of their health or dental care system, these are quality, affordability, security and access. A manual based system or a method of collecting and storing data or information using paper, can achieve only few of the four requirements. That’s why people or business owners or in the researcher’s case dental facility owners turn to information technology for support.

According to Harrison (2006) of the book entitled “The role of clinical information systems in health care quality improvement”. It says that the quality of a computer based information system is higher than a manual based system for a manual based system consists of more problems rather than a computer based information system. That is why private sectors, health or dental care providers are moving away from traditional paper based medical or dental records to electronic versions.

A dental clinic information system or dental office information system is a system made for owners of dental clinic. This system is only suitable for a dental clinic, dental clinic information system is different from a medical information system for medical covers the medical condition of a patient while dental clinic information system only covers the dental condition of a patient.

A dental Information system consists of patient information system, where the entire patient’s information and a few question regarding their health and dental history are collected and stored. This system excludes the amount of the treatment that has been offered though the treatment is recorded in Patient Information system. A Billing system is where the computation of the amount of each treatment offered to its patient and its total amount. Some even add the usage of credit or debit cards in billing system. A dental information also includes the reservation of appointments to the dentist assigned to the treatment the patient wanted.

The researchers decided to make a dental...
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